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27.03.2015 Wrote user Mimi
I went to a seminar by Wanda and it was very informative. I hope to gain the knowledge I need from her books to help others.
10.11.2012 Wrote user alienbaba
Wanda you are the one!
02.05.2012 Wrote user marjovaa
I believe in your work; I often recommend your website to my customers.
02.03.2012 Wrote user The Light
Very informative, excellent graphics and easy layout to navigate around. Thank you.
31.01.2012 Wrote user maryamantra
Your work and web site are fantastic and so much is needed in this regard.
10.08.2011 Wrote user maryamantra
Your book was very interesting and helpful. I have suggested to family members and people I know to not delay when their time comes, and to be sure to go toward the light as soon as possible following their passing. Personally, I am working to have less of an attachment to things of this world. Wanda's book and website provide a need and an understanding that has been missing.
23.12.2010 Wrote user Varun
Whatever i read on this website is true and I have experienced this. If I would have read this 1 year back I wouldnt have believed it, but now I believe every single word of this book and thus authenticate this website and I really admire Wanda for what she is doing, because these ghosts when they enter, believe me, you guys don't want to see what they can do to a person. I am watching what has happened to my beloved who is suffering from these powers. I really hope and wish Wanda enter into our life as a messenger of God and bring back my beloved and her once happy family now ruined. Ruined badly. I mean it. I believe only God can save her. Please Wanda do this for this miserable Indian family. I am not asking for Help. I am begging for it. I mean it.
15.08.2010 Wrote user mike
I found this web site helpful to understand the nature of paranormal activities.
24.02.2009 Wrote user Cassia
Salut! Informative, good design, well done!
10.01.2009 Wrote user stuartoc1
Dear Mrs Pratnicka, I purchased your book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in the 21st Century and was very challenged after reading it. I am a part time student at a bible college and inquired about exorcism courses. Unfortunately they had none.
01.09.2008 Wrote user pamforbess
Very informative. I learned things which clarified questions I had had about religious exorcism, hereditary diseases, emotional states and addictions.
15.08.2008 Wrote user
I spoke with an assistant's of Wanda. The lady was intelligent and honest with me in her opinion of my situation.
11.01.2007 Wrote user Michael
Wanda is a very great person, hopefully one day I can become as good a person as she is with her wisdom and compassion.
17.11.2006 Wrote user rosemaryoa
I am so excited by your work and now hopeful for myself. I will probably be getting your book. Love, Rosemary
03.09.2006 Wrote user ooh777
Very informative as many people know so litlle about the hereafter ans spiritual matters
06.09.2004 Wrote user
I have been reading your website and I think it is just amazing. It is very informative and interesting and you have a lot to offer all the people on this planet and more. I will offer my sincere thanks for helping those whom you healed and may you be blessed with good health and happiness in life and in death. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...
24.08.2004 Wrote user vawylie89
You have a good informative and very helpful website.

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